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Your Wine, Your Way: Personalized Wine Glasses for Any Occasion

by Melissa Bajda August 16, 2023

Are you looking for the perfect personalized gift to give a loved one? Look no further than these customized wine glasses!

From classic to modern designs, these wine glasses are sure to make a memorable statement and are perfect for any occasion. Whether you celebrate a wedding, an anniversary, or a birthday, these personalized wine glasses are the ideal way to show someone how much you care. Plus, they can be customized with the person's name, a special message, or a meaningful image.

So, get ready to give the perfect gift with these 27 personalized wine glasses!

Wine Time Just Got Personal: Stunning Personalized Wine Glasses

1. Signature Stemware Glass Set

Upgrade your wine-drinking experience with our Signature Stemware Glass Set. This set of four stunning personalized wine glasses holds 18.5 ounces of your favorite vintage.

Each glass is beautifully laser-etched, adding an elegant touch to your dining table or bar. Our Personalized Drinkware Set will impress, perfect for your next gathering or as a thoughtful gift.

Whether hosting a bridal party or enjoying a quiet night, these personalized wine glasses will elevate your wine time to a new level. Cheers!

2. Monogrammed German Crystal Stemless Glass

Upgrade your wine-drinking experience with our Monogrammed German Crystal Stemless Glass. Crafted from lead-free crystal, these stemless wine glasses hold 16.5 ounces of your favorite vintage.

Each glass is expertly monogrammed with your choice of font and design, adding a personal touch to your wine time. The crystal's organic color enhances the glass's aesthetic appeal, making it a stylish addition to any dining table or bar.

Elevate your wine experience with these luxurious wine glasses, perfect for yourself or as a special gift for a wine connoisseur. Cheers to personalized perfection!

3. Stolzle Engraved Birthday Year Crystal Wine Glass

Raise a glass to celebrate a milestone with our Engraved Birthday Year Crystal Wine Glass. These personalized wine glasses hold 21.75 ounces of your favorite vintage and features a pulled stem for an elegant touch.

Expertly engraved with the recipient's birth year, this personalized wine glass is perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, or any special occasion. Crafted by Stolzle, a renowned glassware brand, these white wine glasses exude luxury and sophistication.

Aged to perfection like a fine wine, this Engraved Birthday Year Crystal Wine Glass will make a lasting impression.

4. Engraved Irish Red Wine Glass

Elevate your Irish wine-drinking experience with our Engraved Irish Red Wine Glass.

Holding 18 ounces of your favorite vintage, these personalized wine glasses feature 3D lettering that is deeply carved, adding a unique and personalized touch. Celebrate your Irish heritage or show your love for all things Irish with these wine glasses.

The engraved design will impress and make a statement at your next gathering. Cheers to a glass that embodies Irish pride and style!

5. Set of Four Etched Stemless Wine Glasses

Introducing our Set of Four Etched Stemless Wine Glasses, perfect for any wine lover. Each glass holds 16 ounces of your favorite vintage and stands 4.5" high, providing a comfortable and elegant way to enjoy your wine.

With their sleek and modern design, these stemless wine glasses are dishwasher safe, making clean-up a breeze.

Whether hosting a bridal party or enjoying a quiet night, these home gifts are the perfect addition to your home bar collection. Cheers to unforgettable wine moments with our Set of Four Etched Stemless Wine Glasses.

6. Personalized Irish Heritage Celtic Wine Glass

Celebrate your Irish heritage with our Personalized Irish Heritage Celtic Wine Glass.

Standing 9" tall and holding 16 oz, these personalized wine glasses feature an intricately engraved Celtic design, adding a touch of Irish charm to your wine-drinking experience. Each glass can be personalized with your choice of name or initials, making it a truly unique and special piece.

Whether you are toasting to St. Patrick's Day or want to show your Irish pride, these personalized wine glasses are the perfect addition to your collection. Raise a glass and cheers to your Irish heritage!

7. Personalized Hometown Stemless Wine Glass

Toast to your hometown with our Personalized Hometown Stemless Wine Glass. Featuring a sleek design and holding 17 ounces of your favorite vintage, these stemless wine glasses are the perfect way to show off your love for your state and city.

Just let us know your state and city, and we'll expertly engrave it onto these personalized wine glasses, making them a unique and cherished piece.

Whether sipping wine while reminiscing about your hometown or hosting a gathering with friends, these stemless wine glasses add a special touch to every sip. Cheers to celebrating your hometown in style.

8. Custom Photo Party Wine Glasses

Capture memories and celebrate in style with our Custom Photo Party Wine Glasses. These personalized wine glasses are the perfect addition to any special occasion, whether a birthday, anniversary, or bridal party.

Upload your favorite photo, and we'll expertly print it onto the glass, creating a one-of-a-kind keepsake. Toast to unforgettable moments with these stemless wine glasses and give your guests a fun and personalized gift that they'll cherish for years to come.

Cheers to creating memories and raising a glass to good times!

9. Unique Personalized Mrs. Stainless Steel Wine Glass

Toast to the newlywed Mrs. with our Unique Personalized Mrs. Stainless Steel Wine Glass. These stemless wine glasses are crafted from durable stainless steel, perfect for outdoor or on-the-go celebrations.

With a generous 16oz capacity, it is the ideal gift for the bride-to-be or as a wedding present. Expertly engraved with "Mrs." and the recipient's last name, this personalized wine glass adds a touch of elegance and celebration to any occasion.

Raise a glass to love and create lasting memories with these personalized wine glasses.

10. Personalized Stemwares for Weddings

Make your wedding day even more special with our Personalized Stemwares for Weddings. Whether you are looking for a gift for the mother of the bride, the bride herself, or the bridesmaids, our personalized wine glasses are the perfect choice.

Add their names or initials and the wedding date to create a unique and memorable keepsake. These wine glasses will elevate the toast and serve as a beautiful reminder of your special day.

Celebrate love and create lasting memories with these personalized wine glasses.

11. Waterford Crystal Wine Glass Set

You can elevate any occasion with the Waterford Crystal Wine Glass Set. These exquisite stemless wine glasses are a must-have for any wine lover's home bar. This unique gift is crafted with the finest crystal and will hold 8 ounces of your favorite beverage.

Each glass is cut by hand, following a 5-step sand-carving technique which creates a 3D effect. They make an elegant addition to any dinner party or a romantic evening for two.

12. His and Her Wine Glasses

The His and Her White Wine Glasses set is an excellent option for a timeless and classy addition to any wine lover's collection. These 11 oz personalized wine glasses are crafted with a traditional shape and etched with classic his-and-hers designs.

Perfect for couples enjoying a bottle of their favorite vintage together, these custom wine glasses come with a silk-linked blue gift box for easy gifting.

13. Personalized Dog Breed Stemless Wine Glass

If you are a pet parent, you know your fur baby is part of the family. Show off your pup's breed with pride when you give them their very own Personalized Dog Breed stemless wine glasses.

These unique personalized wine glasses feature an engraving of your pup's silhouette, breed name, along with any name of your choice. Choose your pup's breed, add a name and make it a special gift.

14. Swarovski Element Wine Glasses

Look no further than Swarovski Element Personalized Wine Glasses for the perfect blend of luxury and sparkle. These exquisite wine glasses are hand-crafted from high-quality crystal and feature an intricate spiral diamond cut design adorned with three sparkling Swarovski crystals.

Perfect for special occasions, these custom wine glasses add a touch of elegance to any evening and make a great gift for that special someone.

15. Monogram Wine Glass

If you want a unique and personalized gift for the wine lover, consider a Monogrammed Wine Glass.

Whether you want to commemorate a special event or show someone how much you care, a monogrammed wine glass is a thoughtful way to show appreciation.

These personalized wine glasses also look great on display and make lovely additions to any home bar or wine rack.

16. Anniversary Wine Glasses

Celebrate your special occasion with a set of two personalized Anniversary Wine Glasses! Whether it is a first wedding anniversary or a golden one, you'll surely enjoy these beautiful wine glasses and the memories they'll bring.

These white wine glasses are perfect for toasting your love and happiness. Each glass holds 18.5 fluid ounces and can be personalized with the names of you and your significant other and your special anniversary date.

17. Custom Letter Wine Glass

The Custom Letter Personalized Wine Glass is a fun and unique way to make your next special occasion even more memorable.These stemless wine glasses feature a letter of your choice, so you can personalize it to represent someone's name or initials.

The letter is laser-etched with precise detail and sits atop a beautiful, clear 16-fluid-ounce glass that provides an elegant, classic look.

18. Personalized Mr & Mrs Wine Glasses

A perfect way to commemorate a memorable wedding day or anniversary is with personalized Mr & Mrs wine glasses. These white wine glasses feature the couple's name and wedding date etched onto each one, making them the perfect gift for any special occasion.

Whether you are looking for a gift for the happy couple or want to add a personal touch to your home bar, these personalized wine glasses are perfect.

19. Couples Wine Glasses

For the perfect wedding or anniversary gift, a set of custom Couples' Wine Glasses is ideal for showing your love. Whether you are celebrating your first year together or your fiftieth, these personalized wine glasses are a thoughtful way to mark the occasion.

Choose a design featuring your names and a decorative wreath for a classic look. These personalized wine glasses come in various sizes so that you can find the perfect set for the special couple.

20. Wedding Stemmed Wine Glass

Look no further than the Wedding Stemmed Wine Glass for those searching for a perfect wedding gift. These personalized wine glasses are an ideal gift for newlyweds, adding sophistication and class to any special occasion.

The beautiful design includes intricate details and offers a timeless elegance to the glassware.

21. Personalized Birthday Wine Glass

If you want the perfect gift for a special birthday celebration, why not consider giving a Personalized Birthday Wine Glass? These great gifts will make the birthday celebrant feel extra special.

With these custom wine glasses, you can choose from various designs, from classic monogramming to more modern prints.

22. Custom Etched Wine Glasses

If you are looking for a unique and special way to commemorate a special occasion or celebrate a loved one, Custom-etched white wine glasses are the perfect gift.

Crafted from high-quality glass, these 16 fluid-ounce wine glasses can be customized with a favorite saying, an anniversary date, or even a beloved pet's name. With custom-etched wine glasses, you can create a gift that will be remembered for years.

23. Mountain Themed Wine Glasses

If you want the perfect wedding gift for a couple that loves nature, why not consider a set of Mountain-themed wine glasses? 

Whether they are avid hikers or campers or enjoy being outdoors, these wine glasses make a special and unique gift. These personalized wine glasses are also great for celebrating any special occasion.

24. Fat Wine Glasses

Fat Wine Glasses offer a luxurious drinking experience for the most indulgent of wine drinkers. At 21.3 fluid ounces, these wine glasses hold more than regular-sized glasses to savour your favourite vintage easily.

Any wine can benefit from pouring into these wine glasses, from deep reds to light whites.

25. Logo Stemless Wine Glass

The Logo Stemless Wine Glass is ideal for special occasions like weddings, anniversaries, holiday parties or any informal gathering.

With a capacity of 15 fluid ounces, these stemless wine glasses can hold plenty of your favorite vino. Make them even more special by personalizing these wine glasses with a unique logo, custom design or any favorite saying.

26. Personalized Red Wine Glass

Crafted with crystalline, this Stemware Piece is perfect for special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and more. Its capacity is 580 milliliters, making it ideal for special occasions.

Whether you serve up a bottle of red or white, these great gifts will surely add an extra special touch to any informal gathering.

27. Floral Monogram Wine Glass

Laser-etched Floral monogram wine glasses make an ideal gift for any wine lover. A personalized wine glass, from holiday parties to wedding gifts, will be appreciated.

These stemless wine glasses feature beautiful laser-etched flowers and the recipient's initial or initials in the center of the design. The laser-etching process allows for intricate and precise details, making each piece one-of-a-kind.

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