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About Us

Willow & Hive is your next stop for home decor and personalized gifts for your family and friends. Gift with love and personality!

Zach, George, and Bethany KeklikGeorge, Bethany, and Zach Keklik

Business partners, Chris Bajda and George Keklik, have become top contenders in the wedding industry over the last few years. Their superpower is focusing on niche markets, where they thrive! - Groovy Groomsmen's Gifts, Groovy Girl Gifts & Groovy Guy Gifts are amongst the few of their businesses.  

Housewarming and decor gifts were inevitable for this pair's next move when Bethany Keklik pitched the idea to launch Willow & Hive. Bethany, George's wife, is native to the hospitality industry from serving to developing restaurants. Throughout her time in restaurant development, creating exceptional experiences in any interaction, for her, is not only a main focus professionally but personally too.  

Gifting can quickly become a hobby when friends are buying homes, having weddings, and making babies. If you are looking to put your own spin on gifting, Willow & Hive offers several unique personalized gifts for all! We are here to keep your gifts from going stale. 

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